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Often people don’t know that they have a mild case of gum disease called gingivitis. This mild type of gum disease can be prevented and often reversed with good oral hygiene. If it’s not treated, then over time  it will worsen into a more serious form of the disease called periodontitis which destroys the gums and jaw bone. Once the damage is done, it’s there to stay. The damage cannot be undone. The bone and gums that once held your teeth in place doesn’t grow back. Further damage can be prevented. That’s why treating and preventing gum disease is so very important if you want to keep your teeth.
Untreated gum disease puts your health  at risk. Gum disease is associated with other disease in your body. For a long time researchers thought  that the bacteria which cause gum disease were  the cause that linked gum disease to other diseases in your body. Newer research shows that the chronic inflammation may be the cause. Treating the inflammation in your mouth helps you to manage gum disease and may also help you to manage other chronic inflammatory conditions like heart disease or diabetes.


How do you know if you have gum disease?

• Do your gums bleed regularly (even just a little bit!) when you brush or floss or toothpick?
• Do you have gums that are red, puffy, swollen or sore?
• Do you have tartar buildup caked on your teeth?
• Do you have really bad breath?
• Do you have areas where the gums have shrunk down exposing the roots of your teeth?
• Do you have any loose teeth?

What can you do to prevent gums disease?

• Brush with a soft bristled brush for two minutes twice a day. Be sure to brush gently right on the gum margin on ALL surfaces, cheek-side and tongue-side, inside and out.turn-off-water
• Clean between your teeth every day with floss or between-the-teeth brushes or picks.
• Get some advice on which teeth cleaning tools will work best for your mouth.
• Quit smoking
• If advised, use an antibacterial mouthwash
• Exercise your gums by eating crunchy foods daily. Have an apple a day or some other raw fruit or vegetable.

Why prevention is key when it comes to oral health.

“Take preventive measures to save time and money.
Perfect your daily oral hygiene routine to improve and maintain your overall health”


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